Congratulations to Dr. Diana Bogueva, Dr. Dora Marinova, Dr. Talia Raphaely, and Dr. Kurt Schmiginger

Environmental, Health, and Business Opportunities in the New Meat Alternatives Market Wins Gourmand Book Award

By Brittany Haynes on Jan 13, 2020

CoverHershey, PA—January 7, 2020—The IGI Global publication Environmental, Health, and Business Opportunities in the New Meat Alternatives Market, edited by Dr. Diana Bogueva, Dr. Dora Marinova, and Dr. Talia Raphaely, from Curtin University, Australia, and Dr. Kurt Schmidinger from University of Vienna, Austria, was recently selected as the national winner for Australia in the "Vegetarian Writing" category of the 2020 Gourmand Awards.

The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards were founded in 1995 by Edouard Cointreau and are considered the Oscars for food and wine publications. Every year, they honor the best food and wine books, printed or digital, as well as food television.

Environmental, Health, and Business Opportunities in the New Meat Alternatives Market analyzes innovative and disruptive trends in the food industry and presents opportunities utilizing meat alternatives to create a more engaged consumer, a stronger economy, and a better environment. This reference book competed with entries from over 225 countries and has been noted as a must-have publication based on its coverage on food production, plant-based and alternative proteins, and nutrition.

Impact Of Meat Consumption On Health And Environmental Sustainability Selected As “This publication looks at food from a new, future-oriented perspective because the current ways of production and consumption are threatening the health of our planet, its human population, and that of all other species. The book took a very positive approach by outlining alternatives to the current high consumption of livestock-based products, particularly by rich countries and wealthier sections of society,” stated the editors. “A big contributing factor to the success of this publication is its timely appearance. Working with IGI Global allowed us to propose a title which other publishers might have considered risky or unconventional. However, we felt supported all the way.”

This is the second publication to receive a Gourmand Book Award for editors Dr. Talia Raphaely and Dr. Dora Marinova, whose IGI Global publication Impact of Meat Consumption on Health and Environmental Sustainability received "Best Sustainable Foods Book" in 2017.

“Having won a second Gourmand Book Award means a lot to us, particularly as food only recently started to be accepted in the scientific and policy community as a major climate change contributor and challenge to the planet’s ecosystems,” stated the editors. “We are thrilled with this award and hope to go one step further to become Best in the World.”
IGI Global would like to congratulate the editors and authors of this publication for their scholarly contributions and lasting impact on their field of research.

About the Editors:

Dr. Diana Bogueva has more than 20 years of international communication and media experience as a professional radio journalist working with several worldwide recognised news media, including the Bulgarian National Radio, Bulgarian Section of BBC, London and Special Broadcasting Services (SBS), Sydney, Australia. She is currently working for SBS radio as a program producer and is Director of Market Research with Sydney Focus Groups. Diana completed her PhD studies at Curtin University, Australia, focusing on meat consumption, social marketing and sustainability. She is a member of the International Federations of Journalists and a Wood Badge member of the World Scout Organization.
Dr. Dora Marinova is Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute. Dora has over 400 referred publications and has successfully supervised 60 PhD. She served as a member of National Health and Medical Research Council’s Panel on Centres of Research Excellence in Population Health and in Health Services Research. Her research interests cover innovation models, including the evolving global green system of innovation and the emerging area of sustainometrics. Together with Talia Raphaely, Dora co-edited the book Impact of Meat Consumption on Health and Environmental Sustainability which was awarded World Best Book at the prestigious 22nd Gourmand Awards.
Dr. Talia Raphaely is originally from Cape Town, South Africa, and has 30 years of experience in behavioural and attitudinal change, communications and diverse media, sustainability awareness and conscientiousness, collaboration and partnership building for sustainability. She has worked with multicultural and heterogeneous groups in diverse organizational settings, including academia, media, research-based organisations, government bodies, non-government organisations, community-based organisations and industry. Talia undertakes sustainability consultancy research and is the Editor of Custom Homes Magazine. The book she co-edited with Dora Marinova, Impact of Meat Consumption on Health and Environmental Sustainability won World Best Book at the prestigious 22nd Gourmand Awards.
Dr. Kurt Schmidinger is a graduated geophysicist from Graz University of Technology, Austria and doctor in food science from Vienna University, Austria. He works for various animal protection and vegetation and environmental associations, software development companies and is a project leader of in Austria, Europe. As a geophysicist, food scientist and animal protectionist, Kurt Schmidinger is interested in the global consequences of human nutritional habits, climatic stability of food, global livestock farming and global meat consumption including environment and climate, world food, human health and animal welfare.

Publications From These Editors:

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About Gourmand World Cookbook Awards: Founded in 1995. Every year, they honour the best food and wine books, printed or digital, as well as food television. Books from 205 countries participate in these prestigious awards, the only international competition of the sector. It is free, and open to all languages. The Gourmand Awards have been compared to the Oscars in identifying outstanding food developments and research. For more information, please visit
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