Empowering Formal and Informal Leadership While Maintaining Teacher Identity

Empowering Formal and Informal Leadership While Maintaining Teacher Identity

Bryan S. Zugelder (James Madison University, USA)
ISBN13: 9781799865001|ISBN10: 1799865002|EISBN13: 9781799865025|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6500-1


Both opportunities and challenges exist in teacher leadership. While national competencies continue to define dispositional and knowledge base for teacher leaders, there is still work to do to define and add to the body of scholarship on this topic. Teacher leadership opportunities provide development for teachers as a key retention strategy; however, role ambiguity presents challenges in how to empower teachers for formal and informal roles of leadership while maintaining the teacher identity. This proposed edited book provides a comprehensive look at the opportunities and challenges of teacher leadership, drawing on research and practice that add to the body of knowledge for teacher leadership, which is a unique niche in education that differs from educational administration.

This publication will add to the body of scholarship on teacher leadership and further help to define the opportunities and challenges for school districts to consider to promote teacher leadership in their settings. The edited book will provide a wide and broad perspective of the topic which can be used in university settings and practitioner settings related to teacher education and teacher development. It is intended for teacher education faculty, educational leadership faculty, school-based administrators, department chairs, and grade-level leaders. The book may be used as a guide for practicing professionals or as a course text for teacher leadership programs and educational leadership programs.

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